Made in Fukushima

A book made out of decontaminated rice straw.

Cannes Lions Awards 2019 3 times Shorlist

The rice straw was harvested from decontaminated fields, dried, cleaned, cut and crafted into paper.

55 Sake Breweries
296 Pages in the book
41 Iitate Population in 2015
239 km to Tokyo
3074 Shrines in Fukushima

Ordering for "Made in Fukushima" will be open soon.

The Fukushima nuclear disaster contaminated 25,000 hectares of farmland. While our collaborative decontamination initiative helped farmers grow safe rice again, no one believes it to be true. This book uses scientific data to prove the rice is safe.

Forest near Fukushima, Japan

Made in Fukushima is a book crafted from decontaminated rice straw, harvested in Fukushima. It turns data into understanding. The book was sent to leaders in the food and environmental sectors, generating conversation and restoring sales of Fukushima rice worldwide.

Nuclear fisssion diagram